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NAX Motorcycle Rider Training

Sydney's most exciting line up of motorbikes for hire

Want to get around Sydney on some of the most desirable 2 wheeled machines on the planet?

Looking to go for a ride, get some skills on a LAMS bike, or further your skills at the Race Track?

NAX Motorbike Hire has got you covered. That's what our customer's are saying.

"From start to finish Daniel has been professional, considerate and hands down a fabulous trainer.

Highly recommended for those who have just obtained their L’s or those looking to refine riding skills. "

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The M.O.S.T

Get information & guides to the MOST, the basic test for Ps & International licence transfers

Private Lessons / Practice / Training / Motorcycle Instructor

NSW RMS accredited Riding Instructors can help you with basic riding skills all the way to pre-provisional practise sessions

Gift Vouchers

Get the gift your loved one will never forget.

At NAX Motorbike Hire we specialise in the hire and rental of High End Sports Bikes, Cruisers, Bikes for Learners and Provisional licence holders and top of the line dedicated motorbikes for the Race Track

Testing - MOST

The MOST (Motorcycle Operator Skills Test) is a RMS certified test set out as a minimum requirement for motorcycle licensing in New South Wales. Click for more information about the MOST (Motorcycle Operator Skills Test)

You can hire a motorbike, get familiar with it and then complete your skills test.

Training - MOST

We offer a complete course layout for those looking to practise all the components of the Motorcycle Operator Skills Test(MOST), prior to sitting the actual test.

Track Bike Hire

Try California Superbike School @ Sydney Motorsport Park, Eastern Creek. The world's biggest, most recognised, and most thorough school for advanced rider training.

California Superbike School
California Superbike School Australia
Sydney Motorsport Park Ride Days
Sydney Motorsport Park Ridedays

Gift Vouchers

Gift Vouchers are the perfect gift and they can take the hassle out of choosing the right bike. Vouchers can be used for anything from a day trip or weekend away, to the heart pounding adrenalin rush of the race track.

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