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Ps test practice

Great coaching that is a dedicated one to one private session, friendly, fun and affordable.

Don't ask us, check out what our customers are saying about our practise sessions

...I certainly wouldn't have passed without it.
Catherine T

What can we help you with?

MOST Practise course

Get Comfortable and Confident with the MOST
Pass easily first go.

Our practice course is setup to get you familiar, comfortable and confident with the Motorcycle Operator Skills Test (MOST)

You will have the opportunity to familiarise yourself with each of the components of the skills test and ask questions of our staff about anything you are unsure of.

What is involved

You can practise the 6 main components of the Skills Test. We will observe you, to identify

  • what skills you already have
  • areas where you can make improvements
We will provide you with general riding pointers and we will alert you to any bad habits you may be displaying.

For more information

Course duration: 1 hr 40m

Session: Private (one-on-one)

Course cost: $ 170

includes bike hire if required. Our hire bikes are manual motorbikes.


...highly recommend him to anyone looking to practice more or fine tune their skills!
Nicole DS, Stanmore

Revision for pre learners + Advanced

The pre-learner course can be quite quick and sometimes you are not quite comfortable to get on the road, even less go for a test ride.

If you got through the learner course, but you are still not confident enough to head out on the road, then enjoy a one on one session and go over basic riding skills at your own pace. You then sink your teeth into more advanced skills that will allow you to go out onto the road full of confidence.

We will cover advanced starting, clutch control, advanced turning, high speed gear changes, slow speed motorcycle control

You will get more riding time, build your confidence and master all aspects of riding, needed to get you comfortably on the road and going for that test ride.

For more information

Course duration: 2 hrs

Session: Private (one-on-one)

Course cost: $230

bike for this course is provided. Our bikes are manual motorbikes.


Auto to Manual

Been riding a scooter for a while. Know how to ride but just looking to get the hang over manual. This course goes over basics of clutch crontol, gear changing, acceleration, braking, advanced take-offs, and become the master of slow speed control.

Course duration: 2 hrs

Session: Private (one-on-one)

Course cost: $230

bike for this course is provided. Our bikes are manual motorbikes.


Road Ride - Buffering, Hazard, Road skills and confidence

This is a natural progression from our pre learner revision and advanced course. If you feel comfortable handling a bike at medium and slow speeds, are comfortable changing gears, accelerating and braking, then it is time to venture out onto the road in real traffic.

This introduction to road riding will also get you ready to pass this component of the pre provisional course.

We will cover gaining confidence on the road, using indicators, buffering, hazard perception, avoidance, slowing, gear changing and higher speed turns.

Being on the road for the first time is strange, especially if all you have driven is cars. However, by the end of this course, you will be comfortable being on the road on a motorbike.

For more information

Course duration: 1.5hr -> 2.5 hrs

Session: Private (one-on-one)

Course cost: $260 (1.5 hr) - $335 (3 hr)

bike for this course is provided. Our bikes are manual motorbikes. BYO bike is also available. Cheaper rates for own bike.


From start to finish Daniel has been professional, considerate and hands down a fabulous trainer!
Rebecca, Randwick

Thanks to Daniel's patience and the Pre Ps practice session, I gained confidence in my ability to successfully navigate the the real thing. I smashed the MOST with a perfect score!
Greg Jenner, Waterloo NSW

Daniel assessed my riding then made helpful suggestions to improve my riding techniques. He also helped a lot with riding tips for the MOST like head checks at beginning of each test section and the clutch friction point. The practice definitely helped me to pass the MOST first time which convinced me what great value I got !
Simon B, Armidale


I want to pass Ps, but I haven't ridden since my Ls

Dont be too concerned, not only are our courses thoroughy detailed, you can also take up our pre-learner revision courses, if you want to go over the basics.

...and my Ls was 11 months ago

Again, Dont be too concerned, we have had people from scratch to passing Ps with a perfect score in just 3 hours of tuition. We guarantee it. The current record for a non rider of 11 months, was 1.5 hours

My Ls are about to expire

You are not alone. We can get you going. It doesn't take much practise to develop skills needed and you will be passing the test in no time.

Training & Practice Session Hours

Bookings essential.

Saturday :10am -> 5pm
Sunday : closed

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