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NAX Motorcycle Rider Training
NAXMotorcycle Rider Training

The MOST - Motorcycle Operator Skills Test

The MOST (Motorcycle Operator Skills Test) is the final component of the pre-provisional course. It is also the major component for those seeking to convert their International Licences.

Test Guides

The RMS provides information on this test.
View the MOST guide on the RMS website.

Is it hard?


What if i find it hard?

Formally you will read the following:
"None of the tests are difficult or dangerous for a skilled rider."

This can be translated in several ways.

  1. If the tests are difficult for you, you need more skill
  2. If the tests are dangerous for you, you need more skill
  3. If it's both, then you really need to practise.
  4. View the guide and practise

Read the guide and go practise. That way you will not fail over something stupid, like a head check or turning the wrong direction. "You must be really bad or nervous to fail this test."
Practice is everything. You will only fail if you have not practised or get so nervous that you forget your head-checks. You will have plenty of opportunity during the day of your pre-provisional course to refine the techniques you practised.

Do you run any training sessions, where I can practise?

We sure do.

Check out our training & courses page for information on our Practise MOST (Skills Test Sessions)

What times do you run your training sessions?

Check out the times here Session Times for Training

What do i need for the test?

  1. A bike (yes it must be LAMS)
  2. A booking
  3. Australian Standards Approved Helmet, Gloves, Sturdy clothing. Avoid having any skin exposed.

Which bike is easy for the test?

Check out our list of recommendations.
Which bike is best for the Ps test(MOST) | Motorcycle Operator Skills Test

Do you have a dedicated website that details with the skills test and all its details and includes videos?

Yes we do!

Do you have a link to it?

Yes we do!

Here it is

Why do they check over my bike?

If you are like most people, taking the MOST as the final part of the pre-provisional course, you will, prior to the test, be taken out for a road ride. The bikes must be deemed safe enough for this part of the pre-provisional course.

If you are just completing the MOST component only, then it is likely that your bike will not even be checked over, except to see that it is of course LAMS.

Where can I download the RMS guide to the MOST?

Links to the guide can be hard to find, so if you are looking for the Guide and have trouble finding the guide, then you can find the guide here. I mean here sorry.

Read it and practise.

Practice or Practise ?

Go out and 'practise' because 'practice' makes perfect.