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NAX Motorcycle Rider Training
NAXMotorcycle Rider Training

Customer Testimonials & Reviews

What our customers are saying about private motorcycle rider training sessions with NAX rider training in Sydney

View some of our customers reviews and testimonials below

77 customers have posted a review of NAX Motorcycle Rider Training

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Pre-learner prep

Daniel is an incredible instructor - I had trouble completing the pre-learners course and booked a 2 hour lesson with him for some extra practice. The lesson itself was fantastic, he introduced concepts in a gradual manner which was very easy to grasp for a complete novice. I showed up quite anxious and my confidence was extremely low after my pre-learners course. Daniel's calm and patient instruction really helped me gain my confidence back, and he allowed me to talk through my frustrations/anxieties surrounding the pre-learner course, which was honestly invaluable to me.

Could not recommend him enough!

Sabrina D, Sydney

22nd April 2024

Basic and advanced

Thank you so much for today. Your teaching was amazing and your vibrant character made the lesson even way enjoyable- so thanks!

& thank you for the tips!

Rahma A, Sydney

18th March 2024

Auto to manual

As a novice rider on a manual bike who has only had experience riding scooters and semi automatic bikes, I have developed the confidence to ride on a manual bike in the short 2 hours I had with Daniel. Skills are taught in a progressive manner and are presented clearly in a way that is easy to understand.

Hands down the best motorcycle instructor ive had and I highly recomend the lessons for anyone looking to improve their skills on a motorcycle as well as passing the P's test.

M Amri, Sydney

31st August 2023

Revision + advanced

Daniel is a legend! After two hours with him, I’ve gone from being scared of my bike to actually looking forward to riding it and feeling confident. He’s a great teacher. Very knowledgeable, calm and patient.
He came to my house and put my bike on his trailer. We spent 2 hours in a car park working on throttle control, cornering and low speed riding. I rode home safely and confidently.

Can't recommend him enough!

Dave Hickey, Five Dock NSW

25th July 2023

Revision + advanced

Daniel is amazing! From his first response to my enquiry to his tips after my one-one-one lesson, Daniel showed professionalism and patience (yes, I think I did his head in a couple of times 🤣). I was so nervous before we even started and made me feel comfortable and confident. He taught and showed me techniques that I didn't even know and was so detailed in his explanations that made it clear for me. Even with things I didn’t know, he went through it step by step so I understood and was able to demonstrate it.

Definitely recommend NAX Motorcycle Rider Training.

Looking forward to my next lesson with Daniel so I can nail my Ps test 🤗

Racquel, Sydney

22nd July 2023

Revision + advanced

Just wanted to let you know that I passed the MOST and I have now the red P plate.
The test went well. I haven’t made any mistakes and feeling more and more comfortable doing the U turn.

Thanks heaps for your training, tips and advices.

A P, Sydney

9th June 2023

Revision + advanced

I hadn't ridden in a couple of months since getting my L's and was worried about having any sort of ridding ability left not to mention zero confidence. I contacted NAX and spoke to Dan who made the process of arranging a private lesson easy. He was prompt with contacting me and very professional. The lesson was fun and I was straight away put at ease by Dan's friendliness and patience. He made concepts easy to grasp with an emphasise on safety and has given me a solid foundation from which to learn from particularly with slow riding. I can't recommend Dan enough for anyone who is a novice like myself or wants to learn new skills. Since the lesson with Dan I have gained confidence in my ridding ability and have taken my bike on the road.

Thank you so much Dan. I look forward to future lessons to improve my riding further.

Sam R, Sydney

1st March, 2023

Revision + advanced

From the moment I made contact with Dan, I was stoked with the professionalism and friendliness of his service. He was very prompt in his communications, quick and got down to a strong level of trust and understanding very quickly. We were all a bit shaken coming fresh off our L’s licence course as our pre-leaner instructor yelled and was not helpful – but I quickly got my confidence back with Dan’s calm nature and gentle disposition. Would highly recommend Dan, especially for females as he is extremely friendly and really good at explaining everything – to the minor details. He will make you understand it, and he even teed up a time when there was another rider living near me, to make it cheaper for us I would recommend Dan to anyone – regardless of age, gender or ethnicity...he is very professional and has a keen eye and attention to detail, so he knows where you lack and will help you work on it – quickly. You get your money’s worth with Dan, he was worth every dollar. He even provides help after the lesson - from choosing bikes, to working on the areas that you need to develop (he sent me a really well written and detailed email of what I covered off, and what I needed to focus on) and is not pushy about his service or add-ons, at all (which is really rare). I feel a lot safer and confident about riding now, and I am even excited (I wasn’t before).

Thank you Dan!

Courtney N.

27th February, 2023

Slow Speed + M.O.S.T Practise

Highly recommend NAX rider training, I had Daniel as my instructor.

Spent 2.5hrs of very valuable 1 on 1 training to prepare me for my P’s test, I had never riden my bike at “low speed” (super low - under 5kph) before, this definitely helped me pass my P’s without any mistakes on my first attempt.

Daniel is extremely knowledgeable, friendly, understanding, really showed me some fundamental skills and provided me with plenty of great feedback and additional information, I never felt rushed or overwhelmed.

The skills that Daniel taught in that one lesson, I will have with me every time I take my bike out, thanks Daniel.

Rob R., Richmond, NSW

13th February, 2023

Revision and M.O.S.T Practise

Daniel is a fantastic instructor ! I had 2 sessions with him - 1 right after my L's test and the other before my P's. Daniels advice and tutoring not only enabled me to pass my P's test first try but I also got 100%. Doing a course with Daniel is invaluable as there are so many different aspects of riding he explains and tutors you through compared to the rushed non 1 on 1 courses which are offered by the testing companies. If you want more confidence on the road or to pass your test first try then Daniel is your man!

Thanks again mate!

Trent S

16th December, 2022

Cornering Course

Hey Daniel, Couldn’t resist the opportunity to update and thank you for your help! I was up the coast riding Thunderbolts Rd & The Oxley Hwy … the attachment confirms the lean angle for you!…super excited, completely different riding experience!!!

Thanks so much!

Danny Cuzzocrea, Sydney

6th October, 2022

Pre-Learner Revision+ advanced course

I recently did a Revision for Pre Learners + Advanced session with Daniel and can’t recommend him highly enough. After completing the pre-learners course I didn’t feel even close to being ready to get on the road and wasn’t actually sure I would get there at all. I booked the lesson not really knowing what to expect, especially as an older (50s) new learner, and was a bit nervous about it. But Daniel made me quickly feel at ease and we worked through a lesson that was really tailored to what I needed to focus on, and which by the end was fun. He is a knowledgeable and patient teacher and a great communicator who has the knack of providing constructive feedback without sounding judgemental – not only during the lesson but also in detailed written feedback afterwards. He also provided ongoing advice about what bikes might suit best and answered questions way beyond what the session covered. There was a lot of value add! After the session I felt confident enough to go ahead and buy my own bike and have just been out on the road for the first time.

Sue H, Earlwood

21st March, 2022

Pre-Learner Revision+ advanced course

I just wanted to say thankyou to Daniel from NAX, for the lesson I had just after I got my L's. The lesson gave me foundamental skills which helped build competence in my riding. After 3 months I went for my P's on my own bike and I passed. Daniel is great as an instructor he patient and very knowledgeable. I am really enjoying riding now. Thanks again Daniel


Joe R, Sydney NSW

12th June, 2021

Road Ride & MOST practise

Being my 6th time on the bike and really only ever pushing it to only 2nd gear on a bike, I was a little nervous. But Daniel eased that tension pretty quick. I feel I got alot more out of having a 1-1 training session. I'll be booking in for more as I feel confident with Daniel and his training techniques.

Thanks heaps.

Staci Smythe, Kirrawee

6th June, 2020

Road Ride & MOST practise

Daniel was a great teacher. I passed my Ps test first go and am confident on road. He provided great advice on lane positioning and observation techniques on road.

Ashe Peacock, Stanmore

12th May, 2020

MOST practise

I passed the MOST with a perfect score. I definitely couldn’t have done it without Daniel’s training and advice.

Keith W, Sydney

17th February, 2020

Auto to Manual Training

I went from a scooter to a motorcycle I could ride a bit in my neighbourhood but I felt I needed to build my confidence and receive professional advice. Daniel knows how to communicate clearly to make you understand how the motorcycle runs and how to take control. My request was to be able to be comfortable enough with slow speed and clutch control to ride in the city. In two hours session, this is quite a lot of new information to integrate but once you practice with your bike on you own and start riding everything comes naturally. Daniel was very reactive by responding to emails and he's got a good sense of humour. 😁

Thank you very much Daniel !

Marianne F, Alexandria

13th February, 2020

MOST Training

Daniel is a fantastic instructor he is very friendly and I was very comfortable straight away. He helped me greatly for my P's which I scored a perfect score due to Daniel's interpersonal training and attention to detail. Since my training sessions with Daniel I have become a very confident rider I would sincerely recommend Daniel to anyone wanting to develop their motorcycling skills.

He is the best investment I have given myself for a great motorcycling future.


22nd October, 2019

MOST Training

Daniel is an incredible instructor. He has a lot of experience and knows very well how to teach people to ride safely and pass the test. He is very patient, knowledgeable and communicates very clearly. I recommend the business very much and I am looking forward to hiring some cool bikes with them.

Eduardo M., Sydney NSW

14th October, 2019

Returning Rider Training

As a returning rider, Daniel quickly and acuratley assessed my needs and my skill level before taking me through a well structured, perfectly paced series of exercises to relearn and then develop my skills, each building on the previous one. Thoroughly recommended.

Ben S, Sydney NSW

11th September, 2019

Pre Learner Revision + Ps Practise Session

I was due to do my MOST test and needed some help and support for the test. Doing some online searches, I was able to find NAX rider training which was also local to me. After some quick consultation with Daniel at NAX, I booked a 1.5 hour MOST practice session in May 2019. The process was easy and straight forward. The price was very reasonable and also included a bike hire on the day of practice. On the day of the practice, Daniel was able to go through all the activities covered in the MOST on his private practice location. I was very nervous at first and made some errors, but Daniel was very patient and able to guide me through the activities such as slow speed riding and clutch control. Daniel was also able to point out some long running mistakes/habits in my day to day riding, from which I learnt from and have improved since.
Daniel was very professional in the training process and guided me step by step through the activities over and over again, whilst providing feedback along the way which helped tremendously with the personal practice I did after the lesson, which also helped in my MOST. On the day of the MOST, I was able to complete the activities with confidence and also the only student on test day to pass with a 0 error score!

I would highly recommend those who are preparing for the MOST to book a lesson with NAX rider training to build the confidence and skills for the MOST.

Stephen, Sydney NSW

12th August, 2019

Pre Learner Revision + Ps Practise Session

I would highly recommend NAX to anyone preparing for the P's test. I did not own a motorbike during my learner license period so had very little riding experience and was extremely nervous about the MOST course/test.

The MOST Practise Course with NAX was the perfect training course to ease my pre-provisional nerves as I was guided through all the components of the skills test and received feedback and tips consistently throughout the course. At the end of the training session I completed a mock test which replicated all aspects of the MOST testing conditions.

With only one session, I went into the MOST test with confidence and was able to pass on my first attempt with a perfect score.

Anthony, Sydney

13th May, 2019

Pre Learner Revision + Ps Practise Session

I found NAX Rider Training online in order to do an initial lesson to gain more confidence on a manual bike (having had no motorbike experience prior to the learners course!). Daniel was incredibly helpful and really easy to work with in order to help me gain more confidence riding and learning new skills. I followed up a couple months later and did another lesson with him the day before my MOST course (even though I hadn't ridden much between our lessons!). I was fortunate to pass my Ps test the following day and I would 100% put it down to the time I spent with Daniel and everything he taught me -

Definitely wouldn't have done it without him and would highly recommend him to anyone looking to practice more or fine tune their skills!

Nicole DS, Stanmore

24th December, 2018

Ps Practise Session

I came to NAX Motorbike Hire with practically zero street time on a motorbike. From start to finish, I could not have asked for a more professional experience. Over 2 weekends, Daniel put me through my paces in preparation for the MOST. Every exercise was explained and demonstrated in detail. Daniel provided great feedback at each step of the way, ensuring I was confident in my abilities for the test. Sure enough, I passed with flying colours!

Thank you very much Daniel for your expertise and making this a pleasant experience.

Paul, Bondi.

Ps Practise Session

Friendly and extremely helpful.

I'd definitely recommend the course for someone wanting to take the P's course

Patrick Holmes, Alexandria, Sydney

Pre Learner Revision + Ps Practise Session

Ls were running out, expiring in three weeks. Got in touch with Daniel in a bit of a panic explaining my situation, without hassle he helped arrange a number of lessons at short notice. Very helpful and teaches at a place that suits you! Gave me confidence and passed MOST without dropping a point.


Mike S, Balmain

Ps Practise Session

Thanks to Daniel's tips, I was able to get my P's without any stress and getting a high score. It took him only few minutes to see where my riding skills could be improved and to show me how to do it.

Highly recommended!

Irene, Eastern Suburbs

Pre-Learner Revision course

Daniel was fantastic, his lesson was really thorough as he worked from absolute basics to riding. He was very accommodating and worked around my availability.

I would recommend to anyone wanting to learn to ride - lots of fun and completely relaxed!

Carla, Sydney

cb125e hire + Ps Practise session (Yamaha MT-07) + Advanced

Prenita, NSW

Yamaha R3 hire + Ps Practise session basic + advanced (steering)

Ps Practise session

Definitely money well spent for a pre-training session with Daniel before the MOST (P's test). Made it first time. He took me through the various components, and helped me refine my riding with well targeted feedback, so that come the big day there were no big surprises. Prior to the session he provided me with valuable links on the web to see different techniques. This was especially useful riding a scooter as a lot of stuff is very motorcycle centric.

He also introduced me to counter steering, who's understanding is very useful when riding a motorcycle/scooter.

Gary J, Bondi, NSW

cb125e + Ps Practise session

Hands down the simplest, easiest way to hire a MOST bike, add to Daniels patient ways and his knowledge of the MOST and you have the best way to go from L’s to P’s.

The cost of hiring a bike for a week and the cost of the extra MOST lesson was well worth it!

A PERFECT score during the MOST is testament to that.

THANK YOU NAX and Daniel !

Dejan, Wolli Creek, NSW

cb125e + Ps Practise session

Ps Practise session

Thank you Daniel for a great session practicing the MOST. As a new rider i wanted to get the basics down and any bad habits sorted.

The tips Daniel gave for riding were priceless and made such a difference.
Definitely recommend all new riders to go see NAX.

Awesome, thanks again.

Matt S, Cronulla

Yamaha R3, Yamaha MT-07 + Ps Practise session + Private lesson(advanced skills)

NAX Motorbike hire and Daniel in particular have made my entry into motorcycling an amazingly simple and enjoyable process.

I hired a Yamaha R3 for a week and then a Yamaha MT07 for a week. I booked a session with Daniel to run through the MOST licensing test. His patience and knowledge had me completing the MOST test almost flawlessly on a 655cc motorbike!

Both bikes were spotless and in perfect running order. I would argue that anyone looking for a casual motorbike hire with exceptional customer service would be hard-pressed to do better than the crew at NAX.

I heartily recommend them.

Sean H., Sydney

Private lesson

A massive thank you to Daniel from NAX Bike Hire!

After many unsuccessful attempts to transition from Auto to Manual by myself, I completed just 3 hours of training and am now riding on the road on a manual bike! Daniel is a legend and I highly recommend to anyone who would like to learn to ride with confidence.

Thank you NAX!

T. Ryan, Sydney Honda 125

Ps Practise session + private lesson

A very big thank you to Daniel! From start to finish Daniel has been professional, considerate and hands down a fabulous trainer.

After waiting far too long to start “training” for my P’s test I contacted Daniel who was quick to give me a variety of options. After 3 private sessions I feel that I have made huge progress and ready to take on the ‘MOST’.

Daniel has a “secret” training area set up for MOST practice, which is ideal for those seeking an insight into test set up. Taking his time to understand areas for concern and picking up on areas for immediate and long term improvement, his knowledge of riding and rider experience instils a huge amount of confidence in all of his students.

Highly recommended for those who have just obtained their L’s or those looking to refine riding skills.

P.S. Passed 1st time with no points lost on a CBR250 (no need to rent a 125 if you put in the time) and was told by the instructor I have great technique (thanks again Dan!)

Rebecca, Randwick

Yamaha MT-07

Excellent service, easy to approach, convenient location and lots of street parking if you are going to swap the fun from your car. Motorcycles are all in good conditions. Choose what you really want and then ride safely and enjoy the fun!!

Really happy with the 1 day trip by using NAX. Daniel was really helpful and lots of suggestions.

Highly recommended!!

Peter. W, Shanghai China

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Honda cb125e + pre-learner review + MOST practise session

All the comments in the Customer Testimonials are true and I'm a witness after being through NAX MOTORBIKE HIRE. Daniel is professional, helpful and does his business in a clean way. Highly recommend anyone needing to hire a bike. If your doing MOST then definitely get the Honda CB125E. It makes a big difference trust me. Go on youtube to see people doing the test. Go to Bennelong Rd, HOMEBUSH BAY there is a side street allows you to practice that has no car access.

It is very safe place for anyone wanting to learn to ride a motorcycle

Akif Sydney NSW

Kawasaki Ninja 300

As a learner I was wary of committing to something I might not like in the longer term, but needed to get some practice in. Now having been to NAX I'm sorry I didn't start this sooner... There's a good selection of LAMS machines available. Bike and gear was in great condition and clearly well cared for. Importantly, dealing with Daniel was a genuine pleasure from start to finish: nice bloke, straightforward processes, great communication start to finish.

I'll definitely be back.

Josh, Botany

Honda VFR800

Really easy and positive experience throughout. Friend of mine recommended NAX so I gave Daniel a call to see what they could do for me. I had the bike arranged in ten minutes and within 30 minutes of arriving at the hire centre later that afternoon was riding away on the bike.

The bike (VFR800) was in excellent condition and hire of helmet gloves and jacket was very reasonably priced so no hassles there. Drop off was similarly very easy and quick.

Highly recommended for any biker wanted to experience the joys of getting around NSW on two wheels whilst away on business or pleasure.

Will be doing again next time I'm in Sydney.

Rob Gwatkin, Hull UK

Honda cb125e

I had to appear for my motorbike "MOST" test. I don't own a bike so was looking for a bike to hire. Went through different web sites and had a chat with them. After comparing , I gave a call at NAX motors . Initially I had my reservations about this arrangement. But after a chat with Daniel, who was very polite and empathetic , all my doubts were removed. Daniel not only assisted with organising the bike but also helped with different websites that helped me for my test. He verbally also gave me some very valuable tips in regards to the test. It was a lovely experience dealing with NAX motors and Daniel. I live at Seven Hills. NAX motors is at Green Square. It is a fair distance. There are so many other motor bike hires in between but I thought it was worth getting it through NAX.

I sincerely thanks Daniel for his help and will be dealing in future with him regarding some bike deals.

Lomus, Sydney

Honda cb125e

I needed to urgently hire a bike for my MOST as my learner license was expiring and I didn't want to sit the learner test again. When I found NAX was just around the corner from me it was simply meant to be. What I really appreciated though was Daniel's courteous and prompt service as well as taking the time to show me all the ins and outs of the bike I was hiring (CB125e) despite the fact it was close to closing time!!! Proper service and very reasonably priced.

I was very impressed and will recommended him if anyone I know needs to hire a motorcycle, no hesitation.

I managed to pass the test my first time and the information Daniel provided was a great help.

Joshua M, Sydney NSW

Honda cb125e + Ps practise session

Inspired to get a riders license and not having a bike of my own, I googled "motor bike rentals" with little hope I'd find anything. I couldn't have imagined finding such a great offering and experience, less than a kilometer away, from Daniel and Nax Motorbike Hire.

I had access to a Vesper Scooter, but, wanted to get a Manual Riders License. I took advantage of 2 x week long learner packages + gear. I considered the prices to be quite reasonable and was surprised beyond belief of the quality of the equipment. The Honda CB125 was an ideal practice bike for my limited experience.

Thanks to Daniel's patience and the Pre Ps practice session, I gained confidence in my ability to successfully navigate the the real thing. I smashed the MOST with a perfect score!

This has been a great introduction to the freedom of motorbike riding. I'm looking forward to working my way through the range of Nax LAMS approved bikes as I earn my stripes on the road.

Thanks Daniel and Nax, a brilliant experience!

Greg Jenner, Waterloo NSW

Honda cb125e + Ps practise session

When I first saw advertisement for NAX I was in Queensland where riders on L's have to be accompanied and I couldn't hire a bike without someone with a full licence accompanying me OR hiring a two bikes with fully licensed rider at $30 / hour ! Daniel was very helpful and communicative via sms and email. When I met Daniel he suggested that I find out about booking a motorcycle from WheelSkills for the MOST and spend the Sunday afternoon practicing on his mock up of the MOST at Alexandria as this would be best for me the customer. Such a difference after my enquiries in Queensland ! I had to convert my Vietnamese international rider's licence to NSW's. Although I had passed the Vietnamese driving test with a manual bike most of my four years experience had been on an automatic bike but Daniel assessed my riding then made helpful suggestions to improve my riding techniques. He also helped a lot with riding tips for the MOST like head checks at beginning of each test section and the clutch friction point. The practice definitely helped me to pass the MOST first time which convinced me what great value I got ! The bike and gear were in excellent condition.

I would not hesitate to hire a motorcycle from Daniel at NAX if the need arises again !


Simon B, Armidale NSW Australia

Honda cb125e + Ps practise session

I am really thankful to NAX bike hire for a wonderful experience. Daniel was very helpful and all the links and content provided by him for the MOST were very informative and helped me a lot to prepare for the test. Also, the practise session was excellent and guidance given by Daniel helped me to clear MOST in first attempt. I really appreciate the fact that I was given a brand new motorcycle to practice and give the test.

I highly recommend NAX to everyone who are looking to hire a bike.


Mitin Chadha, Redfern

Ducati Monster 659

On my last day in Sydney, I wanted to ride out to Palm Beach so I approached NAX Motorbike Hire after reading some good reviews. It was a little tricky looking for their unit but a phone call to Daniel solved it. He recommended me a Ducati Monster 659 and I took it as I had always wanted to try out a Ducati. Loaned their gears as well. After all the paperwork was settled, Daniel recommended me a few other places to visit if I had the time. Due to unforeseen circumstances of making a couple of wrong turns, I ended up heading to the West Head which he recommended. The ride up was awesome and the view was breathtaking! Throughout the ride, the bike gave me no problems and it also attracted some attention which was good fun as I was riding solo.

I had a great time with the bike and would definitely recommend riders to go for it as I had no regrets!

Nisha, Singapore

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Honda cb125e

I would like to recommend this company to all of you. Daniel is really professional and nice person and of course he's got s lot of bike...ive rented a honda cb125e for my licence test i kept it for four days...im really happy that i found him around...thank u again daniel i will pass the message to all the people, to come to you if they need a motorbike and of course if i will need i know already who i have to ring.


Honda cb125e

After my pre-learner motor bike training session I was very relieved to find that Nax offers this “niche” service to help bike-less learner riders like me get on board a bike and get some crucial practice in. I took a bike for a week which was a good length of time for me to practice the basic skills and build my riding confidence. The process of organizing the rental and having the bike delivered/collected all went very smoothly. Daniel was very responsive from my initial contact through to final collection. His friendly, low key style put me at my ease but at the same time he was very thorough, well-organized and professional throughout the transaction.

Well done and thanks, Daniel!

Chris G, Gordon.

Kawasaki z750

I just want to thank NAX for making my holiday to NSW that much more memorable. The Kawasaki 750 was a blast to ride those wonderful whindy roads. The last time I was in Australia I rented a cruiser which I found not ideal. With the Sport Touring bike I was actually able to keep up with my riding partners. I enjoyed riding the Kawasaki so much that when I got home to Canada I went out and bought a Kawasaki Ninja 650 ABS.

Thanks again NAX,the next time in Australia you will be my go to bike rental.

Mike Wheeler, Calgary,Alberta, Canada

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Honda cb125e

Thank you NAX Motorbike Hire for the extremely convenient, professional, and all around great experience. The bike was completely roadworthy and in great condition allowing me to use it to take the MOST exam.

Highly recommend.


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Kawasaki Ninja 250 R

I have hired bikes from NAX twice now hiring a total of three bikes from them. They are amazing to deal with and are my first point of call when I come to Sydney. I mainly use the bikes for transport in and around sydney but did get up on the coast a bit on my last trip. Being right near the airport, I just grab a Cab and pick up the bike.

I couldn't recommend them any more !

Samual Harrison - Bendigo, VIC

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Triumph Daytona 675 R

Had a great day out on the Triumph Daytona. She was super responsive, wonderfully manoeuvrable and had just the right attitude to appease my growing mid life crisis. A great day’s ride thanks Daniel! Excellent Value.

Will be back very soon.

Craig, Sydney NSW

Triumph Daytona 675 R

I was in town on business for just a week in August this year and found myself with a free day to go out and play. I found NAX on the internet and made contact through email with Daniel who was very helpful in setting me up with an almost brand new Triumph Daytona 675R. The rental site location is a little tricky to find but once I arrived Dan made the rental process easy and sorted me out with some good quality riding gear. Dan had arrived early especially for me so that I could get a full day riding, what a hero!

He’s clearly very enthusiastic about the bike and was absolutely right about the Triumph, it’s a little cracker.

Mike Fiore , Cambridge, UK

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Honda cb125e

Monday evening 5pm my own motorbikes clutch cable snapped on the way home from work, was stressed out due to me having my P license test the day after and now I had no bike. Rang Daniel up around 5.30, managed to arrange a bike for me the next morning for early pick up before my test started, found Daniel very very helpful. Whole process was very easy and will defiantly be spreading the word about him.

Thanks again

Ed Goodwin , Caringbah 2229 Sydney

Ducati Monster 1100

I had a great experience with NAX Motorbike hire. We were visiting Sydney from the U.S. We had reserved a bike for a given day, but it turned out to be very rainy weather that day. We rescheduled for the next day which was much better weather. Daniel was very nice and accommodating to reschedule and meet us when it was convenient for us at short notice. The bike was in excellent condition. Daniel also provided recommendations and maps for good rides. We had a great ride out to Royal National Park.

Thanks a lot for the great service!

Andy T, Cincinnati, Ohio, U.S.A

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Honda cb125e

Thanks for a great hiring experience. Daniel was very helpful and communicative via sms and email. He also helped a lot with riding tips, the Ps training session was excellent and confidence boosting and Daniel also provided encouragement during the week leading up to the test.

I passed first time!

David H, Denistone

Honda cb125e

Great bike hire experience - Daniel was professional, friendly & made the process very easy. Bike was exactly what I needed for a bit of local practice

Will definitely use again for Ps test.

Chris C, Sydney

Honda cb125e

Excellent bike hire experience with NAX!

I had to convert my international rider's licence to NSW's. After nearly 20 years without riding a motorbike, i needed to get some practice before going to the test. Daniel was extremely helpful and professional, he gave me heaps of tips on how to perform at the test, and helped me to chooses the right motorbike. There is a good selection of LAMS bikes available at NAX. The bike and gear are in good condition. I got a red Honda CB125E for my practice and the MOST test. I have successfully passed the test and got my full rider license.

I'll definitely go back to rent a motorbike for a weekend trip.

Rachel L, Potts Point.

Ducati Monster 659 / Ducati 848

Just wanted to drop you a short note to say thanks for both the bike hires, had awesome fun on both the Monster and the 848 and now I'm super excited waiting for my 899.

Excellent service, really easy to use you guys and I wouldn't hesitate to recommend you to others.

Rob, Sydney

Triumph Daytona 675 Custom

Awesome day riding around the Northern beaches. Daniel from NAX was super helpful, reliable and the bike was a dream.

Would thoroughly recommend NAX to anyone looking to rent a bike in Sydney.

Ian C, Dubai UAE.

Honda cb125e

I passed my P'!!! And I owe this to Daniel! I rented a great red Honda CB125E on a rainy Sunday and Daniel was there to set up the circuit to let me practise and to let me get used to the clutch: it was the second time in my life I rode a manual bike. Daniel also offered me a second opportunity to practise the test, accommodating my need for a late afternoon session, and giving me heaps of tips on how to perform the best.

I would warmly recommend to rent from Daniel, not just for the quality of the bike, but especially for his professionalism and passion.

Elisa B, Darlinghurst.

Honda cb125e

I hired the Honda CB125E for the NSW motorbike P's test. The bike was in perfect condition and was the ideal bike for the test. Daniel was professional, friendly and a pleasure to deal with. He even gave me a few tips for passing the test!

I will certainly be back and have already recommended NAX Motorbike Hire to my family and friends.

Alice, Sydney.

Triumph Daytona 675 Custom

The Triumph Daytona 675 Custom was perfect for an 800-mile loop down the coast and back up through the Snowies, Canberra, and Macquarie Pass. Daniel was really friendly and helpful, and the bike didn't miss a beat.

Awesome road trip. I'll be back!


Honda cb125e

I found NAX Motorbike Hire a fantastic business to deal with. Very professional and the client service could not be better. The motor bike I hired was of very high quality and in excellent condition.

A pleasure to do business with.

Mark, B

Triumph Street Triple 675 R

I had wanted to do a tour of the blue mountains and royal national park with my brother, who already lives and owns a bike in Sydney. I had also wanted to ride a street triple for a day to work out whether it was worth purchasing. Killing two birds with one stone was made so much simpler with NAX! I hopped off the plane and went straight to the store (easy ten minute drive from airport). Daniel was very professional and helpful, and it took no time to be on the bike and racing towards the lovely rolling hills. Sorting everything out from drop off to payment was also simple, and very cheap!

Would thoroughly recommend to anyone considering a similar trip, and I will be back to hire soon enough!

Luke C,
South Australia

BMW s1000 RR

Outstanding experience! I’ve rented from much larger outfits in the US and Australia, and I’d place NAX as #1 in terms service, general professionalism, and even range of bikes (they may not have the quantity or ‘depth’ of manufacturer choices of larger rental firms, but when it comes to Triumph, Ducati, or BMW they are spot on). The ‘by appointment’ worked perfectly for my pick-up and drop-off, offering much more flexibility than other rental agencies in the market. I rented the BMW s1000RR along with jacket, helmet, and gloves. A big thanks to Daniel for a great rental experience and for his maps and route guidance.

Definitely recommended!

Todd B.
Dallas, Texas USA

Ducati Monster 1100 & Triumph Street Triple 675 R

My father and I rented a Triumph 675R and Ducati Monster 1100 from Daniel at NAX and all I can say is WOW – great bikes. But, more to the point Daniel was great to deal with, the bikes where in great condition and picking them up and dropping them off was handled professionally and very easily. All and all would recommend this to anyone looking to give different bikes a blast and have a lot of fun

S Harrison, Randwick

Honda cb125e

Wanting a more suitable bike than the one I own, to do my P test on, I contacted Nax. From the first contact Daniel was nothing but polite and helpful, he listened to and addressed my needs finding me the most suitable bike and accommodating all my requests re pick up delivery, including Sunday delivery!
The bike was in terrific condition and did the job beautifully. I would not hesitate to recommend Nax to anyone....and I may be using their services again soon to test ride some more powerful bikes as I gain experience and am ready to upgrade.
Thanks again Daniel!

Tanya C, Bellevue Hill, Sydney

Honda cb125e

I couldn't be happier. A quality bike, effective and friendly communication from NAX and a smooth pick up and return process. Daniel was very helpful and I'd recommend using NAX bikes for your test or holiday riding. The bikes supplied to other people doing the test (by the official contractor) were cheap Chinese imports and in extremely poor condition; one rider is actually challenging his failure as the bike was so bad. Glad I didn't risk it.

Kevin Gates, Sydney

Kawasaki z750

After over 6 years without riding a bike I got invited to join a group for a weekend ride to the Southern Highlands.
Not having a bike didn't turn out to be a challenge as a friend recommended NAX. Daniel was extremely helpful to choose the right bike for the journey - the Kawasaki Z750. The bike was in immaculate condition and he refreshed my memories about where to find the instruments and switches as well as sharing how the bike behaves. I left with a comfortable feeling that I was in good hands. 600+ km later I returned the bike unwillingly - it was a pleasure to ride - and within the next day I received confirmation emails that everything fine.

It was a seamless experience and I'll be back for sure.

Stefan, Sydney.

Harley Davidson Night Special

Great motorbike hire experience with NAX and Daniel.
Good information about the bikes and the hiring terms were clear and uncomplicated. The drop off service was handy (meaning I didn't have to beg for a lift to the showroom). The bike was in good condition and performed well throughout the ride. Daniel is great to deal with.

I will return and recommend mates.

Stephen, Castle Cove.

Triumph Daytona 675 Custom

Many thanks to NAX Motorbike Hire for the hasslefree rental and the great looking bike!

I really enjoyed the Daytona, Australian roads and scenery. For me it was the perfect way to discover the mountainous inland and coastal regions around Sydney. Especially because the bike is so much fun and still very easy to ride. It really was a great way to spend the last couple of days of my holiday.

If I'm ever back in Sydney I'd love to take the Thriumph out for a ride again!

Michiel, Amsterdam, the Netherlands.

Honda cb125e

Hi Daniel,
Just wanted to take a moment and say thanks to you and Nax for the fantastic service and communication with me regarding my recent motorcycle hire.
You and your organisation were extremely professional to deal with and I'll be recommending my friends to use you.

I look forward to dealing with you again.

Andrae Foenander, Redfern

TRACK BIKE - Triumph Daytona 675

Hi Daniel, I have to say you were a pleasure to deal with in all stages of the race bike hire process.
The rates are reasonable, the bike is excellent and the service even better. I will be referring my friends to your company for sure. I have attached a couple of photos for you.

Once again, thanks for a great day out.

Peter Markey – Gloucester, NSW

BMW s1000 RR

I would like to thank everyone from the Sydney Motorbike Hire Team for making my hire experience a pleasurable one! The Team were very professional & took me through all of the Functions of the BMW S100RR before my hire, although I am an avid Bike rider I appreciated the Information being passed on as the BMW has a lot of Electronic functions that other bikes do not have. Due to the rain I encountered on the returning of the bike I was unable to return it in a clean state, although charged for the cleaning it was not excessive in any way & nothing seemed to be an issue for the Team.

Once again thankyou for your service & your passion towards making my hire a pleasure!

J Burgess, QLD

Ducati Monster 659 / Yamaha R6 / Ducati 848 / BMW s1000RR

As a newcomer to the joys of motor-cycling, I have been able to progress gradually through the fleet from learner bikes through to the more advance models as my licence, confidence and ability allowed. The team have been enormously helpful in advising me and providing me with bikes that are late model and in fantastic condition. I now really question the sense in actually owning my own bike as the ability to pick a bike whenever I need it and then drop it back when not required is just too convenient. The option of selecting from a range of bikes – from classic cruiser right through to a race bred super-bike – is also a great benefit.

For those motor-cyclist enthusiasts that do not require an ‘every-day ride’, this is the way to go.

Doug P – Clovelly NSW