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NAX Motorcycle Rider Training
NAXMotorcycle Rider Training

The Pre-Provisional course & Ps Test / Skills Test / MOST / Motorcycle Operator Skills Test / etc

The pre-provisional course is what most learner riders will have to go through in order to get their( you guessed it) provisional licence.

It is a full single day (around 8 hours) of theory and practical training a lunch break and 2 lots of practical testing. Contrary to popular opinion, there is no theory test undertaken during the pre-provisional course. The closest thing to a theory test is filling in a form with your name and licence number.

The final practical test is called the MOST (short for Motorcycle Operator Skills Test), so don't call it the MOST test, simply the MOST. You want to get the most out of your MOST.

For some people, they are only required to undertake this final test (aka the MOST or Skills Test) without having to do the entire day of the pre-provisional course. This is either because they have failed previously (probably for missing a head check), or they are doing the MOST because they are transferring an international licence to an Australian one.

What do I need to have for the pre-provisional course?

  1. A bike (yes it must be LAMS) and have a L plate clearly displayed
  2. A booking
  3. Australian Standards Approved Helmet, Gloves, Sturdy clothing. Avoid having any skin exposed.
  4. Also check out RMS website and scroll down to pre-provisional Course.

Isn't it just a helmet that you need by law? Why do I need gloves, pants and a jacket for my pre-provisional course?

Yes it is true that you are only required by law to wear an Australian Standards Approved Helmet when riding a motorcycle.

On the day of your pre-provisional course, it is fairly busy and there is not much spare time. If you are unfortunate enough to have an accident, the instructors would not have the time to give you first aid to sort our your cuts and gashes. So as long as you are not showing any skin, that is pretty much all they care about.

As for the question of 'not wearing gloves'.
Luckily, there is a simple test you can do. (DO NOT ACTUALLY TRY THIS) If you have time, locate a quiet bit of road. When no one is watching, simply place one hand on the road, and drag it quickly against the road surface. If you enjoy this feeling, and the colour red, and if you like not being able to use your hands for a few weeks then go ahead and avoid wearing gloves whenever you ride a motorbike. If you have a brain, wear a helmet and if you have a brain and hands then wear gloves as well.

How can I book in for a pre-provisional course?

You can book on-line through the Roads and Maritime Services, or Service NSW, whatever it is called these days.

After I complete the pre-provisional course, what should I do before my MOST or Skills test?

Warm up your bike.

This is particularly important before you undertake the MOST(aka skills test), remember do not call it the MOST test.
If you have a motorbike with a small capacity engine that is not fuel injected, warm it up. The Honda cb125e is a perfect example. On a cold, cloudy day after 45 minutes, the engine can definitely go cold enough to make the bike stall, hesitate or delay, so give it a couple of minutes, before you are up.

Can I get advice or tips on how to do the MOST ?

Ask about our training sessions. You will have a chance to get some practise of the course and also get some tips from our friendly volunteers.

I am booked in for the pre-provisional course with my Ducati Monster 659, What should I do?


I am booked in for the pre-provisional course with my heavy Cruiser, What should I do?

Cancel your booking

Just kidding.
Rent a bike from somewhere that rents out motorbikes. I don't know where you can find such a place, but this link should work.

In all seriousness, there are some cruisers which you can do the test on, a Harley 500 is an example, but you do have to practise.

Which bike do you recommend?

Here are some ratings for certain bikes. WIth 5 being the easiest and 1 meaning, don't use this bike.


Honda cb125e 5.0
Honda CB250F 4.5
Honda VTR250 4.2
Yamaha R3 4.2
Kawasaki Ninja 300 4.0
Honda CBR500R 3.8
Honda 500 Rebel 3.8
Yamaha MT07 3.8
Harley Street 500 2.0
Ducati Monster 659 1.0
generic heavy Cruiser 0

What happens during the Pre-Provisional Course

The first thing happens on the day of your pre-provisional course, is you will wake up ridiculously early.

Once you arrive in the morning, say g'day to your other nervous class mates (5 or 6 others usually) and meet up with your instructor.

Sign in and give your licence details. Your instructor will then go through a briefing.

After this the instructor will perform a check over of all students' bikes for road-worthiness.

The first practical session starts with some slow speed practise usually seperated into two parrallel lines, and heading off going as slow as you can. This will then be combined into a large figure 8 riding of the students, stopping and giving way to other riders, as they reach the central part of the Figure 8

You then go inside for a classroom session about ‘Buffering’. 'Buffering' is all about staying safe, recognising and avoiding dangerous situations and is quite possibly the most important thing in motorbike safety. 'Buffering' involves things like, where to position yourself in the lane, watching for the movements of cars and other road users, setting up the brakes if you see something dangerous, watching the distance to the vehicle in front.

Then you will go for a road test (in a very attractive HI-VIS vest). It is during this road ride, your instructor observes your buffering skills as discussed. This is the first practical test, and it is possible to fail this component of the pre-provisional course.

Then you will have lunch. This is normally the time where you are encouraged to eat and drink.

After lunch, you will practise all the different components of the MOST, or skills test (as long as you don't say MOST test, ok? those who do probably also say PIN Number and ATM Machine) The practice areas are set up in a different location to the actual test, in order that you were technically not shown the actual test. You will do the cone weave, the u-turn, the quick stop, and the obstacle avoidance.

After another small break, you will now be near the end of your pre-provisional course. You will then be allocated a number, and individually in the numbered order, each student will undergo the MOST / Skills Test. You could be first, you could be last. If you are just doing the MOST(without doing the pre-provisional course), then you will definitely be at the end of the group, as the pre-provisional course students take priority.

What about the MOST?

We now have a dedicated website serving as a resource for the Motorcycle Operator Skills Test.