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NAX Motorcycle Rider Training
NAXMotorcycle Rider Training

Track Motorbike Hire
SMSP ride days & California Superbike School

@ Sydney Motorsport Park - Eastern Creek

There is no better environment to improve your motorcycling skills than a race track

For first time track riders, we recommend California Superbike School @ Sydney Motorsport Park, Eastern Creek.

California Superbike school is the safest, most personalised and thorough training program available.
With California Superbike School you will also enjoy the lowest instructor to student ratio.

We even have LAMS track bikes for Provisional riders, so there's no excuse not to get out to the track.

What bikes can I hire?

Currently we have the.

* Kawasaki Ninja 400

KAWASAKI Ninja 400
The Ninja 400 is a fantastic fun bike for the track. This provides good handling, a very sporty feel and is quite easy to ride. The Ninja 400 is available to P-platers looking to have some fun at the track

Not only is the Daytona 675 the 'torque-iest' supersport on the market, it is one of the best handling motorbikes period.

The Daytona's three cylinder engine, delivers high levls of torque across the entire rev range and the highest of all the 600cc supersport equivalents.
It delivers power smoothly which makes this bike the perfect start for yout track riding experience.

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Can i hire a bike for an SMSP Ride Day?

You can hire a bike for use during Sydney Motorsport park Ride Days. Pricing is as below and allows for entry in the White Group & Yellow Groups.

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Why should i do California Superbike School?

Enough Said.

Visit them at California Superbike School

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What does it cost?

Day Hire includes fuel, bike hire, delivery and pickup from the track and normal tyre wear.

Kawasaki Ninja 400 - $330


Book for 2 or more California Superbike school days in succession and save 10%

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What do i need?

  • You must provide a current unrestricted licence (provisional for Ninja 400) on the day of your hiring.
  • A deposit is required on the day of hiring.
    This is paid and refunded upon succesful return of the hire bike. Bond amounts required are $2,000, $3,000, for the (Ninja 400 and Triumph Daytona 675 respectively
  • . Yes, the damages are charged at a pro-rata rate** see below
  • Repairs are charged up to a maximum of $2,000, $3,000, for the Ninja 400 and Triumph Daytona 675 respectively
  • To have a booking for an event at Sydney Motorsport Park, or Luddenham raceway.

**Pro-rata means it is not an INSTANT SLUGGIN. YOu will pay for up to what you damage. But, you shouldnt be damaging anything anyway


Book for 2 or more CALIFIRONIA SUPERBIKE SCHOOL DAYS in succession and save 10%.

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Ls & Ps

Most track meets do not allow learner riders. However this may vary, so its best to check with the training provider beforehand and ask whether they allow Learners to participate.

You can participate in most track events in Australia if you are the holder of atleast a Provisional licence, issued by your state/territory. You will be however restricted to a LAMS bike.

Which is no problem, as we have the Kawasaki Ninja 400 available for the track.

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I am nervous about causing damage

Don't be.

When you participate in California Superbike School you will receive expert training and advice and if you follow their 'no brakes' riding format and ride at 60-70% of your maximum you should not have any problems.

The words 'Race Track' generally invoke a number of safety concerns mainly due to the high speeds reached. Compared to the road however, it is a much safer enviroment to learn in, as race tracks are generally wider than a 3-lane highway and there are plenty of 'clear' run off areas should something go wrong.

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Then why do people crash?

Below is a summary of why crashes occur at race tracks, with the first being the most popular.

  1. Being an idiot
  2. Peforming actions that are highly stupid

Most accidents occur from riders trying to go too fast too soon. You must gradually work up the speed at each corner. Compared to a car, there are fewer options for recovery if for example, you find yourself too fast at the start of a corner. Combine that with a rider's natural reactions like target fixation, gripping the bars tightly, chopping the throttle from panic, braking and the risk of crashing is increased. Riding at 60-70% of your maximum and gradually working up the speed will keep you upright.

  1. running off the track onto unformed landscape; (usually resulting from too fast an entry speed into corners) - 'too fast' means too fast for your current skill level. As your throttle control, steering and visual skills increase you will have more confidence to go faster, but you must work up to this level.
  2. incorrect use of, rapid chopping (especially when leaning) and jerking of the throttle - You need to be smooth with the throttle at all times.
  3. excessive steering and handle bar inputs, - you need to relax your grip on the bars. Do this by securing yourself to the bike with your knees squeezing the tank.
  4. tyres not properly being brought up to temperature ,

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