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NAX Motorcycle Rider Training
NAXMotorcycle Rider Training

What is LAMS?

LAMS stands for Learner Approved Motorcycle Scheme. It replaces the former 250cc engine capacity restriction for learner and provisional riders.

What are the rules

Motorbikes that are approved under the scheme, must meet the following criteria

These rules now make bigger engine sizes available to learner and provisional riders

What is a kilowatt?

A unit of power, which is the amount of energy used over a given time period. Generally speaking, the faster something gets done, the more power involved.
1 Kilowatt is equal to 1.34 horsepower(hp) & 1hp = 746watts). So any power figure in kilowatts, will always mean more horsepower and more horsepower, is always better.

Some LAMS approved bikes are rated at 38kw of power and only weigh 161kg. That is clearly breaking the power to weight ratio?

If you use those figures provided, which are for those quoted for a non-ABS Ducati Monster 659, the power to weight ratio would be 236kw/Tonne. There are two things that need to be considered.

  1. The weight calculation is based on the bike plus rider (80kg) and fuel (10kg)
  2. The weight of 161kg given, is the dry weight, which does not include oil and, in this case of the monster, it also does not include the battery.

For a bike with 38kW of power to comply, you would need a weight of 253.33kg, which is an additional 92.33kg more than the quoted weight.
90kg is allowed for the rider plus fuel, and 2.33kg is easily achieved with the battery and oil, When you add these additional items to the bikes weight you will get a power to weight of exactly 150kw/Tonne.